Audio Interface Issues

Last week I’ve been working on improving my guitar skills with my new guitar! While working on that, combined with a lot of other stuff, there is no progress on recording for this week. However, there are some issues with the Audio Interface, so we might have to fix this by replacing it in the near future.

So to explain the issue…

The Fast Track Pro is a great device, don’t get me wrong. But since it is a rather old device, they have stopped supporting the driver development for this device. Unfortunately, there are no official drivers for Windows 10, which I am running. The latest drivers do work, to a certain extent. But sometimes the sound is hanging (e.g. when watching Youtube videos and routing the audio to the monitor speakers). Sometimes it completely stops giving any audio and the only way to fix this is by powering the Fast Track off and on.

Also, in the last few days it has more frequently given Blue Screens. You know, these buggers you never want to see at all! So this does not make it really workable at all times and we’ll have to look for a possible replacement and sell this one. Maybe someone running Windows 8.1 or lower will be happy with this device. 🙂

Stay in tune!

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