Charging Spiritually

Last weekend was Pentecost. In the Netherlands, during this weekend, there is a Pentecostal conference by Opwekking. This year I was there, just like last year. Opwekking is a nice, inspiring and special experience. The Netherlands knows freedom of religion and I am glad it has, since it is not the case everywhere. However, there are still a lot of people that do not believe in God and that makes it even more special to be at a conference with tens of thousands of people to celebrate Pentecost. And there is music! A terrific way to worship God and get inspiration for new music. And of course to take a look at all the technology! šŸ˜‰

At Opwekking I’ve seen several artists, including The Shiyr Poets, Reyer, I Am They and of course the Opwekking band itself. It is nive to see these artists make music with passion. This gives me passion to make music as well. Also I’ve attended a seminar of Brian Doerksen (The Shiyr Poets), about the influence of music and worship in living Jesus. He talked about how music was part of his life and that psalms are still important in aiming for living like Jesus. Psalms are often left out when singing songs, because there are (for example)Ā lamentations or other less happy psalms. Brian says however, that it is important to sing these songs as well, like Jesus probably did. A good point and inspiring to take with me when creating music. Of course this does not mean we onlyĀ have to sing these songs!

Opwekking is also a good place to detach from your busy, daily life.Ā And that is always a good thing! It is also great to work on your faith this much. Opwekking is recommended if you want to charge up spiritually and have lots of fun!

Stay in tune!

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