Introduction to Music Production

It was a week ago when I attended an introduction workshop to music production at KeyMusic Eindhoven. This workshop was given bij MusiCasa, who also gives courses and training for music production, DJ production and software programs. An ‘introduction’ might sound like it is too basic when you already know your way around a bit, but still I have learned new things. The workshop was about equipment, software, EQ, compresison and dynamic leveling. Let’s take a further look.

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Meta Update: Dutch

Hello all!

It may look like nothing has changed at all, but this post is also available in Dutch! And with that I’ve already revealed the purpose of this post, because I will be changing the main language of this blog to Dutch. It seemed convenient to write the blog in my own language, which will also reach out to the Dutch audience. No worries; the English language will stay available and I will translate all current posts to Dutch and future posts will stay available in English.

Stay in tune!

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Extending Guitar Recordings

In the mean time it is 2 weeks ago since my last post. Last week I did not come around to making a post. However, there is some progress in the recording and there is a producer workshop planned! Most of the guitar parts for the song This Is Living are now recorded. Well… at least a first take.

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First Recorded Part

With all this talk about all kinds of stuff, but no actual music yet, I thought you deserve some music. While working my way through the book and fiddling around in Cubase, I did some recordings of the intro of the first song (cover). The intro is done with only guitar and is currently recorded with a Condenser microphone and the pickup of the guitar. So let’s have a look at the first recorded piece of music!

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Audio Interface Issues

Last week I’ve been working on improving my guitar skills with my new guitar! While working on that, combined with a lot of other stuff, there is no progress on recording for this week. However, there are some issues with the Audio Interface, so we might have to fix this by replacing it in the near future.

So to explain the issue…

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