Cover Your Inspiration

Inspiration for creating music is a must; coming up with some melody, rythm and different combinations. However, at the moment my inspiration is lacking. The melodies, chords and drums that I come up with are just not right yet. So that made me wonder how to continue: keep going and it will come eventually, or try to take a step back and delegate the inspiration?

We’re going for the second option, let’s create a cover!

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Let’s Talk Gear

So what is making music without music gear? As far as I know it’s pretty hard. So this time we will take a look at the gear that I have available to use, from instruments to microphones and even software. I’ll create separate pages to summarize all the gear and I will possibly even review or explain them in separate posts.

So let’s have a look at the available gear.

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Theoretical Guidance

As far as I know, you can not teach yourself how to create music. Making music is one thing, but recording, mixing and mastering are involved as well. It’s not a coincidence that there are a lot of professionals that make their living by doing this. Getting to this professional level takes time and you can not do this alone. But, as a start, you can get some passive help.

That is why I have some theoretical guidance.

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The Start

Recent events in my life made me think… a lot. This thinking brought up a lot of questions, which I would like to have an answer for. Unfortunately, I know I will not get all of my questions answered, possibly not even one. However, getting down in such a situation is not going to get you anywhere. While still having a lot of questions and struggles, I’m trying to look at the future and most importantly to look at God.

This is where music comes in to play.

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