Cover Your Inspiration

Inspiration for creating music is a must; coming up with some melody, rythm and different combinations. However, at the moment my inspiration is lacking. The melodies, chords and drums that I come up with are just not right yet. So that made me wonder how to continue: keep going and it will come eventually, or try to take a step back and delegate the inspiration?

We’re going for the second option, let’s create a cover!

The benefit of creating a cover is that I do not have to come up with a full song myself. This means I can focus on learning how to record a song, with all its steps required to do so. You can also check how others mixed the whole song, what effects they use and what chords. Since the song already exists, you have a reference. There are different types of covers: creating almost an exact copy of the song, or use only the lyrics and some elements and create a totally different style. Since I’m not that familiar with recording yet, let’s start with trying to create a copy.

So what song to cover? I thought it would be wise to pick a song, which does not involve lots of instruments (I’m still learning to play guitar). Hillsong Young & Free has great songs and I’m enjoying them everytime I listen to them. Last year they released an EP, This Is Living, which has a same titled song on it. It’s great, but even greater, they also have an acoustic version! That song is the one I hope to cover, but is subject to change. Of course the credits for the song itself will go to the artist and I have to figure out how regulations and laws are regarding covers and it’s copyright.

Stay in tune!

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