Extending Guitar Recordings

In the mean time it is 2 weeks ago since my last post. Last week I did not come around to making a post. However, there is some progress in the recording and there is a producer workshop planned! Most of the guitar parts for the song This Is Living are now recorded. Well… at least a first take.Since nothing can be perfect when you are still learning, I recorded (almost) every part instead of hammering on a single recording of the whole song to get it perfect. Since creating and producing your own music essentially makes you an artist and sound engineer at the same time, things will take more time. That is why the guitar parts as of now are not perfect. But I will try to perfect the engineering on the song, while improving my guitar skills in parallel.

So the way I’ve been recording the guitar is in different parts. The idea to record the whole song in one go is possible, but hard and difficult. The longer the part is you record, the more possible musical errors you make. However, a lot of small parts means a lot of patching up/appending. So I’ve been doing a bit of a mix of the two methods and there will be a post in the future about patching/appending segments of the acoustic guitar. Some more experiments are required for that.

Tomorrow there is an introduction workshop for beginning producers in a local music store. I’m going to attend this workshop to hopefully get more insight and some tips & tricks on producing at home (and on a budget!). It will take about an hour and it’s free, so that’s convenient. Next week will be about this workshop and in the weekend I hope to get some musical and spiritual inspiration on a conference.

Stay in tune!

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