The Start

Recent events in my life made me think… a lot. This thinking brought up a lot of questions, which I would like to have an answer for. Unfortunately, I know I will not get all of my questions answered, possibly not even one. However, getting down in such a situation is not going to get you anywhere. While still having a lot of questions and struggles, I’m trying to look at the future and most importantly to look at God.

This is where music comes in to play. I know how to play some instruments and I have a bit of knowledge in music recording, but by far not enough. I’ve set a goal for myself to create a song and learn everything that comes with that. I will need to learn a lot to produce a song of professional quality, but you have to start somewhere. I’m a big fan of learning by doing, so I’ll just start and see where this boat ends. Patience is one of the things that will be tested, but I am willing to take that test.

While making my first song, I want to take you, a possibly unknown reader, on my journey in creating this song and all the interesting bits I encounter. I do not know the frequency of updates, but if you are interested in more, stay tuned.


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