First Song Project Update #1

2 weeks later and another piece of the first song project (conver) is recorded. Unfortunately, there was no post last week since it was a little busy (something with buying a house that takes a lot of time). Today an update on the status of the cover and other things I’ve encountered while recording. These things were the following:

  • The guitar recordings are not completely finished. Somewhere is a missing piece, but it’s also different from the rest. This has to be recorded at a later time.
  • The piano recordings (and creations with MIDI) are getting along. The first thing that I noticed was that it is a lot more fun to hear multiple instruments. Since there were only guitar recordings, you only heard guitar. Now with the piano its a lot more different and fun!
  • The piano differs from the the sheet music. Or my hearing is breaking, that’s also a possibility. But it looks like some pieces of the song differ compared to the sheet music I bought.
  • In the song, there are 2 sections where a base tone is played. This is probably a synthesizer since it is a very constant volume tone, but I will record this with a bass guitar. This is more fun and I hope to learn a few more things in that. And the bass guitar is also my ‘main’ instrument, so this must be fine right? 😉
  • There is another synthesizer piece, but let’s keep that at the background for now.
  • It is very useful to also load the original song in a separate track. When you mute this track, you can unmute or solo it to hear the original song while listening to your own recording. It is good to have next to your own recordings and to hear what you have missed.

Hopefully we can progress the recording steadily, so all recordings are finished. Then we can look at mixing!

Stay in tune!

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