Meta Update: Blog Planning, New Studio

Today its time for a meta-update. I will not be attempting to write a blog post every week, but every two weeks from now on. Every week is just too much with all the things I have next to this. Hooking in on that: one of these things is my new house and thus also my new studio. There is a lot of time consumed by this, not even the work itself, but especially the time to figure everything out. So if my evening consists of researching curtains, their color and style options, I do not have that much time left. Next to that, some relaxation is welcome, so that’s the rest of my time.

But! This does mean I will get a new place for my home studio, with new challenges with regards to acoustics. The ceiling is 4 meters high in my new house ;). Apart from the house I am still working on the cover of This Is Living, where all recordings are (now really) almost finished (still some synths to go). Then we will start mixing and using effects! And then we also have the ‘regular’ making of music; practicing, jamming and soon I will be making music with some people on the heath.

Stay in tune!

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