Phantom Problems

If you have checked my Instagram page, you may have noticed we had a worship night with the band Devotion (which I am in) last Sunday. It seemed a good idea to share a problem we encountered that very evening. Phantom power for microphones and our JamHub monitoring.

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Spicing Up The Gear Collection

So yesterday my brother and I went out to go and find a new guitar. I’d like to share the journey with you in finding a great guitar and I’ll give you a hint: it was a great success! The store we went to is The Fellowship Of Acoustics in Dedemswaart (, a very nice looking building, packed full with electric and acoustic guitars.

So let’s go find a guitar!

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Taking Control

When working with a DAW (Digital Audio Workspace) like Cubase, you will have to do a lot of setting values, pressing buttons and moving your mouse. However, since I only have a mouse and keyboard, this already proved to be a bit of a hassle sometimes. When turning up a fader for volume or level for EQ, I had to drag my mouse to the knob and click and drag with precise movements to get to a desired value. But, in a bit, this will no longer be neccesacy.

I’ve added a MIDI controller to my studio!

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Let’s Talk Gear

So what is making music without music gear? As far as I know it’s pretty hard. So this time we will take a look at the gear that I have available to use, from instruments to microphones and even software. I’ll create separate pages to summarize all the gear and I will possibly even review or explain them in separate posts.

So let’s have a look at the available gear.

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