Phantom Problems

If you have checked my Instagram page, you may have noticed we had a worship night with the band Devotion (which I am in) last Sunday. It seemed a good idea to share a problem we encountered that very evening. Phantom power for microphones and our JamHub monitoring.

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Getting Social

Not that I’m not social, but convenient for small updates. Just now I created accounts for both Instagram and Twitter, which means you can follow me there as well. I will use both Instagram and Twitter for all kinds of stuff, not only music stuff. I’m not a photogenic, but I will try to make a nice picture now and then. 🙂 Oh, and sectretly I have already put up one of the beautiful Larrivee guitar. And perhaps more social network will follow in the future. There are icons placed at the top right of the blog which link to the accounts.

Also, some more posts have been translated to Dutch.

Stay in tune!

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First Song Project Update #1

2 weeks later and another piece of the first song project (conver) is recorded. Unfortunately, there was no post last week since it was a little busy (something with buying a house that takes a lot of time). Today an update on the status of the cover and other things I’ve encountered while recording. These things were the following:

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MIDI: The Basics

In the meantime I am recording the piano pieces of This Is Living. This happens with the help of MIDI, so today we will take a look at the basics of MIDI. Among other things, MIDI is used for piano, synthesizers and controllers. So what is it and how does it work? Lets take a further look.

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Charging Spiritually

Last weekend was Pentecost. In the Netherlands, during this weekend, there is a Pentecostal conference by Opwekking. This year I was there, just like last year. Opwekking is a nice, inspiring and special experience. The Netherlands knows freedom of religion and I am glad it has, since it is not the case everywhere. However, there are still a lot of people that do not believe in God and that makes it even more special to be at a conference with tens of thousands of people to celebrate Pentecost. And there is music! A terrific way to worship God and get inspiration for new music. And of course to take a look at all the technology! 😉

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