Cubase #01: The Cubase Interface

Last few weeks I have not gotten around to actually recording and experimenting much, but lets try to pick it up again this week and hopefully we can hear some recording in some time from now. In the meantime, we will have a look at the Cubase User Interface. We’ll go through some of the basic windows and concepts of the program for basic recording and mixing.

So let’s open up Cubase!

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Spicing Up The Gear Collection

So yesterday my brother and I went out to go and find a new guitar. I’d like to share the journey with you in finding a great guitar and I’ll give you a hint: it was a great success! The store we went to is The Fellowship Of Acoustics in Dedemswaart (, a very nice looking building, packed full with electric and acoustic guitars.

So let’s go find a guitar!

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A Meta Update

It’s been a bit more quiet last week over here, so I thought: let’s put out a little update. I’m calling it a meta update, since it is not directly related to my music creation. So the frequency of posts here have not been really stable, so let’s aim for a more stable frequency. From now on I’m going to aim for a post every week on Tuesday, so stay tuned ! 🙂

So why no music update? Well… it is hard to work on music without your gear. For my work I am currently in Seattle for two weeks and I have been here for a week now and was able to take a peek in the beautiful surroundings here. And when you see such a great environment, it stops me for a moment to enjoy the great creation that has been given to us.

Stay in tune!

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Taking Control

When working with a DAW (Digital Audio Workspace) like Cubase, you will have to do a lot of setting values, pressing buttons and moving your mouse. However, since I only have a mouse and keyboard, this already proved to be a bit of a hassle sometimes. When turning up a fader for volume or level for EQ, I had to drag my mouse to the knob and click and drag with precise movements to get to a desired value. But, in a bit, this will no longer be neccesacy.

I’ve added a MIDI controller to my studio!

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The Music Recording Process

While working on microphone placement, which actually take longer to experiment with, we’ll walk briefly through the recording process. Disclaimer: I am still reading into the recording process, so I might have some thing wrong ;). Basically, the recording process comes down to recording, overdubbing (more recording), mixing and mastering. There are other aspects as well (sequence editing for CD’s, marketing & sales), but we will not go through them here.

On to recording then!

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